Ben Boegehold `02 Launches Farming Program at LMS

In the winter of 2014, Ben joined the staff at LMS. Hiring an LMS Gardening Coordinator was part of the School's Long-Range Strategic Plan and Ben jumped right in to help foster meeting the important goals set forth during that planning process. His first project with the kids involved the science of aquaponics--a form of agriculture that involves raising fish in tanks and using their waste as fertilizer to feed plants. Ben not only implemented many exciting new curriculum-based initiatives but also played an intregal role in seeing the greenhouse to fruition as he oversaw the project from its arrival as a kit from a company in Colorado to the dome unveiling on Earth Day 2015. 

The LMS community was sad to see Ben leave after the `15 school year but everyone wishes him much luck in his new life in Portland, Maine. 

If you are interested in reading a fun article about Ben in the Spring 2014 LMS Newsletter (pg. 3), please click here.
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