Micha Beckmann `03 ~ LMS Staff

Michaela Beckmann joins the school as Admission Coordinator, having served as the interim in this position in 2014-15. She is an alumna of LMS, and Dana Hall, and Pace University, and is currently working towards a BA at Harvard Extension School, though in what she is majoring remains a secret, even to her. At Harvard, she is a student press master in the Bow and Arrow Press, where she focuses on letterpress printing, with occasional forays into intaglio. Micha has also sometimes filled in as substitute teacher in LE3, her former classroom, and CH and El BASP; she was  thrilled to be able to join the UE students on their Big Trip to NYC last Spring. Micha tells us, "One of the most important things I learned when I was a student at LMS was a deep abiding belief in the intrinstic value of each human being as a person deserving of respect and kindness."