Board Committees

The work of the Board of Directors is often accomplished by the sub-committees of the Board. Interested in learning more and/or becoming a member of one of these important committees?

These committees are comprised of Board members and those in the community (teachers, parents, parents of alums, etc.) who wish to offer their time and expertise. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Diane Decker, Director of Community Development, at 

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee (EC) is comprised of officers of the Board and provides support to the Head of School and the Board President. The EC handles issues requiring immediate attention and confidentiality, sets the agenda for the Board meetings, and establishes concrete goals and objectives for the Board each year. 

Governance Committee
This committee recommends a slate of Board candidates for election at the Corporation Meeting, evaluates and monitors the effectiveness of the Board and plans training for new and existing Board members. This group is also responsible for the process of evaluation of the Head. (This committee is open only to current Board members).
Finance Committee
Setting and monitoring the School’s budget each year, the Finance Committee also plans and coordinates long-range financial goals for LMS.
Campus Master Plan
Advancing the work of the LMS Outside initiatives and integrating Buildings & Grounds issues, the CMP Task Force will focus on: Creating a master plan for the entire 25 acre campus and prioritizing major initiatives such as…

•Expanded Trail network
•Highest and best use of #12 Lawrence Lane
•Relocationof the play structure
•Soccer field feasibility and fundraising
•Expansion of Farming Program and Composting
•Renovation of Children’s House Building

The CMP task force commenced with a design charrette in late August lead by Lisa Giersbach and Eric Kramer, two highly regarded local landscape architects and LMS parents. Tasks will be identified to advance the master plan, recruit interested LMS parents with applicable skillsets, and fundraise as appropriate for specific initiatives.

Community Engagement
Picking up where the LMS Applied task force left off last year, the Community Engagement Task Force will be focused on populating the database app with engaged parents and affiliates who are truly ready to engage and support the mission and LRP. We see this as a high-touch, grassroots effort to identify, approach and recruit parents and friends of LMS with unique and applicable professional experience and resources. The goal is to integrate these resources in a way that the teachers and administrators can use in their day-to-day work. Tasks include…

•Completing the database app and testing.
•Expanding the number and quality of responses to the initial survey by one-on-one invitations to participate.
•Regular identification of possible parents/resources
•Introduction of the database and parents to relevant teachers
•Fundraising against specific initiatives as needed
•Potentially organize a lecture series with people identified
Community Generated Content
The goal of the Community Content Task Force is to augment and support the formal video work that we’ve done in the last year by creating opportunities for the LMS community at large to create their own stories and share them in creative, fun and engaging ways. We’re interested in finding ways to foster content creation from Teachers, Parents, Kids and Alums that highlight their experience and love for LMS, and then create a vehicle for sharing/distributing that content. We’re after content that is not “professional” per se, but is still somewhat curated and is made available to the folks involved in getting the word about LMS out to the broader community. The mission is to make storytelling — in particular the LMS story — part of daily life on the campus. Tasks include…

Come up with novel ways to inspire self-generated content… story/photobooth…kids with cameras day.
•Create a repository for this content and make it easy for people to share.
•Identify the most engaging content for distribution on other social media, web and print platforms.
•Fundraising as appropriate for specific initiatives

This year LMS is taking a more decentralized approach to fundraising for the school. Primary responsibility for fundraising will be driven at the committee/task-force level and periodically one person (the Chair or someone nominated by the Chair) from each committee will act as the liaison for the group and convene to discuss and integrate their efforts.