The LMS Board safeguards the financial stability of the school, ensures that policies and operations adhere to the mission of the school, and evaluates the performance of the Head of School.

The LMS Board of Directors consists of fourteen to seventeen volunteer members who are elected for three-year terms by the members of the LMS Corporation. In addition, the Head of School and a LMS Parent Community Representative are also voting Board members for the length of their respective tenures.
The LMS Corporation consists of all parents of children currently enrolled at the school. Each family is entitled to a single vote, regardless of how many children they have enrolled.
The bylaws of LMS determine the terms of office and basic qualifications for Board membership. The bylaws provide that fourteen to seventeen directors be elected by the Corporation on a staggered basis for three year terms. In addition, The Head of School serves ex-officio as a voting member and a Parent Community Representative serves as a voting member. At least eight of the elected directors must be Corporation members.
The Board meets on the second Tuesday of each month during the school year in the evening.  Meetings are open to the LMS community. Agendas and official minutes are available in the Main Office.
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