Board Committees

The work of the Board of Directors is often accomplished by the sub-committees of the Board. These committees are comprised of Board members and those in the community (teachers, parents, parents of alums, etc.) who wish to offer their time and expertise.

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee (EC) is comprised of officers of the Board and provides support to the Head of School and the Board President. The EC handles issues requiring immediate attention and confidentiality, sets the agenda for the Board meetings, and establishes concrete goals and objectives for the Board each year. 

Governance Committee
This committee recommends a slate of Board candidates for election at the Corporation Meeting, evaluates and monitors the effectiveness of the Board and plans training for new and existing Board members. This group is also responsible for the process of evaluation of the Head. (This committee is open only to current Board members).
Finance Committee
Setting and monitoring the School’s budget each year, the Finance Committee also plans and coordinates long-range financial goals for LMS. This has been a busy committee during the pandemic!
Parent Engagement (PEC)
This committee evaluated the parent engagement infrastructure during the `20 school year and then adjusted the existing models and created new programs where necessary. During the `21 school year, this group will continue to focus on creating common interest groups and determining small and large scale virtual events that promote parent engagement. 

Alumni Engagement
This subcommittee of the Board devises new, self-sustaining initiatives and infrastructure to engage alumni. 

This group will review previous year fundraising activities and make recommendations for improvements for coming years. Members will work to develop a strategy that is in keeping with the challenging times we are currently experiencing. Other objectives for this group include: enlist the support of parents from across all levels in the solicitation and stewardship of donors from the current parent population; determine appropriate fundraising events for current climate and help in the planning of those events; determine Board fundraising expectations and goals and provide guidance on meeting them.

LMS Futures Group
(Description to follow in the fall)

If you are interested in joining any of the Board Committees outlined above, please contact LMS Board Vice President, Brian Roberts, at
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