MS Physical Education

In the Middle School PE program, students refine motor combinations and learn to use specialized skills in sport and fitness activities. 
By participating in a wide variety of activities, Middle School students develop a working knowledge of rules and strategies of individual and team sports. They begin to accept responsibility for their own personal fitness lifestyle.

Traditional sports including soccer, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, and floor hockey are practiced. The program also includes a weekly personal fitness class where students are introduced to aerobic training through cardiovascular exercises, conditioning and endurance activities, and agility and footwork drills.

The Middle School PE program distinguishes LMS from many other schools. We offer a “non-traditional” sports program in which students participate in after school sports held on Thursday afternoons. These include activities such as, fencing, golf, ultimate Frisbee, team handball, swimming, and rowing. By learning traditional sports during their regular PE classes and participating in these “non-traditional” sports after school, our Middle School students have the opportunity to be engaged in a very well rounded athletic experience.
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