Parent Learning

Parent Learning events include opportunities for parents to learn about Montessori philosophy, child development, and LMS curriculum and programs. 

Parent Learning events fall into three categories:
  • Parent Learning Conversations -- small group gatherings where a variety of topics are discussed amongst parents, i.e., how to manage transition with regard to your child(ren), and what a parent can expect their son or daughter to experience in high school after graduating from LMS.
  • Understanding Montessori -- “Teach Your Parent Night” entails giving parents an opportunity to spend time in the classroom with their child(ren) in order to better understand and appreciate how students spend their day; “NOW I GET IT!” enables parents to spend time with teachers in order to appreciate how the Montessori philosophy is displayed in the classroom; and “Montessori Across the Ages” demonstrates the Montessori educational philosophy on a continuum and affords parents the opportunity interact with LMS alums.
  • Winter Event & Potluck -- In February, LMS parents, faculty, and staff come together for a potluck dinner followed by an educational presentation with a focus on a relevant topic of the times. For instance, the topic last year was pediatric nutrition. 
MANY OF THESE EVENTS WILL GO VIRTUAL DURING THE PANDEMIC. To learn more about these events and/or to get involved, contact: Diane Decker, Director of Community Development (
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