A Note from Aline

Dear LMS families,

Just over nineteen years ago, Jana Porter then head of LMS, hired Tricia to be the LMS Business Manager. No one, not even Tricia, knew how well suited she was for the job and for this school.

As Tricia prepares to retire at the end of June, we all wonder just how that is going to work. That is, how are we going to find someone who can manage payroll and play Connect Four with the elementary before-school kids? …draft a budget and fix the table in LE2?… work out a payment plan for a family and plunge the toilet on the first floor of Children’s House? …keep up with health care changes and send off the middle school at 7am to New York for the Model UN? …find the right carpenter to build shelves and move the same shelves into the classroom? …make bank deposits in Lexington and show CH BASP kids how to make paper airplanes? …lead the Finance Committee of the Board and drive first years to the Planetarium?  Just how is that going to work?

Tricia has touched every life of every child who has passed through the doors of this school for the past 19 years; she has been an integral part of every family’s experience at this school; and she has been a kind and accessible resource to every teacher and staff member who has worked here over the past 19 years. She has managed to be behind-the-scenes in so many ways that I am sure -- very sure -- that no one knows the breadth and depth of what she has brought to this school. For me as head of LMS for 13 of her 19 years here, she has been a wise and loyal partner. I cannot possibly do justice to all that she has meant to and brought to LMS over these years -- we have some time for that until June 30.

We have begun the search for a (new title!) Director of Finance and Operations. While we will not find a replacement for Tricia, we will find a person who will take on this job and who will learn from Tricia’s years of experience here.

Please join me in wishing Tricia well. I am grateful we have months of her presence before she leaves.