A Note from Aline - Checking in about Masks May 21, 2021

Checking in about Masks

This week, after an earlier announcement by the CDC, Massachusetts Governor Baker announced that on May 29 many of the COVID restrictions would be relaxed here in Massachusetts. This includes the lifting of mask guidelines for people who are fully-vaccinated.

After some discussion and exchange with those close to the COVID-19 impact in the State, we have decided to maintain our protocols regarding masks, in particular, and COVID-19 protocols in general, for the next three weeks of school.  As you know, masks are worn at all times by students and staff on campus except when resting, drinking or eating. (In the warmer weather, mask breaks outside at a distance are more frequent for everyone.)

The routines of wearing masks, washing and sanitizing hands, keeping distance from others when feasible, being outdoors as much as possible, and maintaining well-ventilated indoor spaces have all contributed to a healthy environment for everyone.  Our last school pool testing will be the week of May 31. 

Vaccinations have so far shown significant effectiveness against the virus with measurable decreases in positive cases, hospitalizations and deaths in the Commonwealth. Most adults at LMS are fully-vaccinated, some of the older students have begun the vaccination process, but the majority of students are not vaccinated nor do they have access (yet) to vaccinations. We will continue to monitor and keep current with findings and recommendations.

Thank you for your support and encouragement as we navigate this pandemic.
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