A Note from Aline - Moving Up Ceremony May 27, 2021

Moving Up: June 2021

We are pleased that we can have the Moving Up ceremony for students in-person this year, and we hope that next year, families will be able to participate in person. This year, we will focus on staging an event that is meaningful and safe for the students.

Everyone “moves up” each year, and we particularly celebrate the students moving from one level to the next as we gather as a community: toddlers to Children’s House, kindergartners to Lower Elementary, elders to Upper Elementary, seniors to Middle School and eighth graders off to high school. 

Our connection to each other is symbolized by a rope that runs from the toddlers’ hands to middle school hands throughout the yard in the middle of the campus. You can see from this photo how we have done this in the past. 

This year, instead of a whole level gathering as one group, children will gather with their classmates, distanced from the other classrooms, but still together in the yard. To do this safely, we will use all the space, including the areas where families would sit, while maintaining the community of the whole assembly of classrooms.

There are two parts to the ceremony:  a procession followed by singing and the announcement of moving-up children, all in about 20-30 minutes. In the procession, children parade through the yard to their designated spot in the grass until all students have arrived, one-by-one, class-by-class, level-by-level to their place on the rope. 

Then, the eldest (toddlers, kindergartners, elders, seniors) leave their group, and they move up to the next level as a teacher announces each of their names. These students are welcomed with a song by the next level. This happens four times, until the fifth group of “elders,” the graduating eighth graders, leave the space, each receiving a piece of the rope cut from the end: each of them continues to be a part of LMS, just not everyday on campus. 

Our plan this year is to live-stream the procession of the Moving Up Ceremony, take photographs of the students moving up to the next level, and post whatever cannot be live-streamed on the classroom webpages. 

Moving Up will be held Friday, June 11 at 11am. In the event of inclement weather forecast for that time, it will be held Thursday, June 10 at 11am.

Our other end-of-year events at each level - the toddler popsicle party, the Planet Play, Country Research presentations, Senior Projects, Council of Elders -- also recognize and celebrate the students moving up to the next level or graduating from LMS. These events have been, or will be, virtual this year, and we hope by next spring everyone will be back on campus to participate in person. 
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