A Note from Aline - June 2021: Student Work June 4, 2021

June 2021 Student Work

Inside of 36 hours on Tuesday and Wednesday this past week, I was part of a small audience to: 8th graders explaining their Personal Challenge projects, an elder presenting her Country Research Project, toddlers enjoying their annual Picnic and Popsicle Party, kindergartners performing the Planet Play, and Upper Elementary students showing their research projects for the Africa Studies Expo. 

The students, with guidance from their teachers, are doing their work. They are experiencing the satisfaction of completing work, the school year and enjoying the camaraderie of these events with their classmates and teachers. This work comes in all forms - holding a spoon properly, reciting in front of a camera and audience, researching the government of a South American country, improving on the saxophone, explaining the Green Belt Movement/Wangari Maathai. 

All of these events are recorded for you to see, and next year we’ll all be ready to be an in-person audience for these end-of-year events.
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