A Note from Aline - March 4, 2022

War in Ukraine

Last Thursday at our Full Staff meeting, the topic of the Russian invasion of Ukraine was raised. This week teachers’ level meetings included these agenda items:

  • Children’s House: Peace Curriculum
  • Lower Elementary: Peace Curriculum in light of Ukraine
  • Upper Elementary: Can the Lit Circle theme of “effects of war” be combined with a conversation/discussion about what is happening in Ukraine?
  • Middle School: Ukraine

We brainstormed in these meetings age-appropriate ways to include this event in discussion with students. Some examples: “This is an opportunity to talk about a nonviolent approach to solve problems; the possible consequences of when a conflict is not addressed or when it is not addressed peacefully; put it in the context of the Montessori Model UN work; how this relates to fundamental human needs – for everyone.” 

What emerged for me from these important teacher discussions are central tenets of Montessori education that your children benefit from: 
  • Respect for each student and how they make sense of the world; 
  • Compassionate resolution of conflict and aggression by listening at least as much as we talk; 
  • Teaching for peace, for justice, for spiritual well-being.

This is the vital work of our teachers, our school in the face of events that can render adults helpless, even hopeless. 

Averting war is the work of politicians; establishing peace is the work of education.” 
Dr. Maria Montessori
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