A Note from Aline - April 28, 2022

Heard around campus this week

“I had sushi for dinner.” 

“Let’s practice running!”

“I’m a middler, and I did a map.”

“I am going to be the starting catcher for all the games.”

“Can I see your elephant bracelet?”

“She is my best friend, but now she is playing with other kids.”

“I don’t need a jacket. It’s hot!” [windchill of 37]

“Can you guard this slate for me?”

“I can do the monkey bars all the way around.”

“Can I tell you something?  I am four and a half.”

“I am four and three quarters.”

“I am waiting for Elise so we can water in the greenhouse.”

“That’s a first-year problem.”

“I have a hard-boiled egg in my lunch. And an egg slicer.”
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