A Note from Aline - April 21, 2022

I wrote this six years ago -- and thought I would share it again because, well, it is all still very true.

I envy you all, parents of LMS students.  Your children are younger than mine.  They are close to you as they learn and grow.  Nearby at school and at home.
Our children start to move away from us from the moment we lay eyes on them.  (Baby deer get on their feet in the first ten minutes of life and can walk in seven hours.) Our job is to guide them in their independence, as we find that balance between protecting them and letting them stand on their own.
The youngest children here at LMS always want to show you what they can do by themselves. AND we get hugs from them – anywhere, any time. Middle school children, for the most part, have less interest in showing their parents what they are doing; they want us to stay away, but not too far.  We can still hug our older ones, just, perhaps, more discreetly. 
Milestones feel bittersweet: What a relief for parents when the little one can walk (though this also makes them heavier when they get tired of walking); when they no longer wear diapers (and inevitably create more laundry because of “accidents”); when they separate from us without tears (and then do we feel sad?); when they play with friends without needing us (and then we wonder what they are doing and talking about). The list goes on all the way to high school.  And college. Guiding them to be on their own confidently, thoughtfully, happily.
So, I am still finding the balance between protecting them and letting them stand on their own at ages 22, 25, 37 and 40!  Please call on me any time as you try to find that balance for your children.
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