A Note from Aline - June 10, 2022

Summer is Tomorrow

If I were a betting person, I would have bet everything on the horse in the Kentucky Derby named Summer is Tomorrow. I love that.

I love, too, that summer really is tomorrow. Summer for me is when school is over until school starts up again, regardless of the solstice or dates. Since I was a kid, there was school, and there was summer. 

Few of us in this community will see each other in the summer as much as we see each other during school, and if we do see each other, it is in a different way, a summer way, in a way that is a little less rushed, a little more playful, a little more present. The rhythm changes; it’s hotter; it’s freer.

It doesn’t mean we feel less busy – work continues, camps and summer activities start up, and the days fly by. Most of us can make time for a breather with family and friends – time away from schedules and to-do lists. Time to rest on the porch or the stoop; time to soak up the heat we complain about in July and long for in February. Time to just be. 

Summer time. 

(Turns out Summer is Tomorrow broke the Derby record for the fastest time in the first quarter mile of the race – 21.78 seconds – and then came in 20th of 20 horses in the one and a quarter mile race. Summer always runs a little short.)
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