Basic steps of how to apply:

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  • 1. Contact LMS for information

    Inquire online or call us at 781-862-8571, x 1001

    We look forward to hearing from you and sharing information about LMS with you.

  • 2. Tour our campus and visit our classrooms

    Touring our campus and buildings gives you a sense of LMS and Montessori education.  With current parents or other school staff as tour guides, you can learn a lot and ask as many questions as you want, while walking through the school.  Many families remember their first visit to one of our classrooms as the deciding factor in applying. We start giving tours once the children have acclimated to their classrooms at the end of September.  To schedule a tour, please call 781-862-8571, ext. 1001 or click HERE.  During the school year, tours and observations are scheduled for 9:15 and 10:00, Monday - Friday.  A tour and classroom observation usually take about an hour.
  • 3. Complete an admission application and forms

    Admission applications are more detailed than your inquiry form and let us know about your child or children.  This is another step in the admission process, as we get to know you and you get to know us.

    Other written Forms: For children attending a pre-school, daycare or elementary school when they apply, we ask for their current teacher to complete a form.  This standard form (from the Association of Independent Schools of New England – AISNE) is part of the application packet. Parents sign a release for the teacher to complete the form and send it directly to LMS. For Elementary and Middle School applicants, we also require the previous 2 year's school records/report cards with the current school report card.
  • 4. Meet with the Director of Enrollment

    When we receive your application, we will call you to schedule an interview with one of our admission staff.  This is an opportunity for exchange of information:  what are you looking for in a school for your child and, in turn, what does LMS offer.  These conversations usually take about an hour.
  • 5. Schedule a visit and assessment for your child

    Other than toddlers, all children applying to LMS come to visit the school and spend some time in one of our classrooms.  Not only does this give us a chance to see how they interact with the environment, it gives the child a chance to experience the classroom.  For pre-school, kindergarten and first and second grade children, a teacher engages one-on-one with your child, showing Montessori materials and getting to know them.  For the older children, teachers do some math and language activities to get a sense of their level in each. Third through sixth grade applicants also spend a half day in a classroom to experience the rhythm of the classroom.  They have a “buddy” student who shows them around. During that time a teacher works with them in some language and math areas to get sense of their level in each.  Middle school applicants visit for a full day, which includes an academic assessment with a teacher.

    We offer scheduled dates and times for the child visits from pre-school through grade 6 for working one-on-one with teachers; we have a variety of days for classroom visits, which you can get by calling our admission office at 781-862-8571, ext. 1001
LMS is no ordinary school. It is a community where children learn to be themselves, learn to be friends...all while learning how to learn, and engage in the world around them. -LMS alum parent

Meet the Team

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Admission FAQs

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  • Q: When do I apply for the 2018 - 2019 school year?

    Our admission season each year officially opens on October 1, but we would love to hear from you at any time to set up appointments and answer any questions you may have.
    The first round application deadline is January 17, 2018, and we notify families with the admission decision on March 10.

    For families applying after March 10, it is rolling admissions; we try to notify families within two weeks once the applicant's file is complete.

    Please contact the admission office for more details: 781 862-8571 x1001.
  • Q: Can we schedule a time to sit in a classroom and observe?

    Yes! A 20 minute classroom observation is included as part of the campus tour. 
  • Q: If there is more than one parent, do both parents need to be present for the tour and interview?

    The short answer: yes. The longer answer: Making the decision for your child to attend a Montessori school is an important one, one that takes time and research.  To fully understand what Montessori and LMS is all about we do require that both parents attend a full campus tour, sit in a classroom and observe, and interview with a member of the admission staff. We are sensitive to the fact that this can take time and that families are busy; however, it will be time worth spending.
  • Q: When will we be notified as to our child's admission decision?

    If the application is submitted by the due date, and the admission process is completed by mid-February, we will mail you our decision on March 10, the day that all AISNE schools agree as their notification date. If your application is submitted after the due date, we will try our best to complete the process for notification by March 10, but cannot guarantee it.

    We also are happy to process applications off-cycle; you will be notified with the admission decision in about two weeks once your child's file is complete.

    If there is no availability in your child's level at the time of the admission notification, your child will be added to the "wait pool" and we will alert you if a space does open up.