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  • Work Binder Clean Out

    Work Binder Clean Out
    Students sit around the room, some at tables, many on the floor with rugs spread out in front of them.
    All have removed the contents of their 3-ring binders. They sort through completed assignments and separate them into 3 piles with labels that read:
    • Still Working On
    • Take Home
    • Portfolio
    Papers in the still-working-on pile get returned to their binders for future use. They take home a packet, wrapped with yarn, of completed assignments to share with their parents. And for each project a student considers his/her best, they write a cover page to reflect on and record why they chose the work and what they learned from it. When students complete the 3-year cycle in LE2, they leave with a portfolio of prideful work.
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  • Peace is...

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  • Peace is... (more pictures)

    More pictures from our "Peace is..." project
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  • Parents Wanted

    ...to volunteer in our classroom.  Please come share something from your culture, a passion or hobby, a book your family enjoy or something else.  Parent volunteers are invaluable to our community.
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  • Mystery History Day

    Today we were visited by peacemakers, royalty, politicians, animal activists, chefs, goddesses, adventurers, athletes, actors and authors. Login in to our website to see our guests.
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