Why LMS?

Because at LMS we know about children – what they need to grow, learn, succeed.  Through comprehensive training, experience and observation, teachers know and respect each stage that a child grows through. 

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    LMS adult alums are responsible and independent. Generous and thoughtful, they want to make a difference.

    Safe transition. LMS young adolescents are honest, provocative thinkers. We help them focus on their values as they ready their academic skills for high school.
  • 9-12 YEAR OLD

    Strategic planning and organizational skills. Good-humored teachers inspire 9-12 Year-Olds with content, and they guide with compassion.
  • 6-9 YEAR OLD

    Playful industry. 6-9 year-old's days are filled with imaginative stories, hands-on activities, loving community, and the routine practice that builds skills.
  • 3-6 YEAR OLD

    Consistent inspiration and extraordinary modeling: this is how LMS 3-6 year-olds learn to choose work and practice on purpose. 

    Caring, patience and respect: that’s what we give Toddlers. And lots of time to find out what they can do.

    Infants teach us just how desperately we want things to be right in the world.