Welcome to LMS.

Eighteen years ago I joined LMS as a parent; this year is my fourteenth as Head of School. My sons, my husband and I have all grown up at LMS: our boys became the college students and people they are today; and we learned to be better parents.

Teachers at LMS love, care for, and inspire children. The Montessori philosophy of cultivating internal motivation, learning actively and at your own pace, and learning how you learn, gives the school both its dynamic and its gentle spirit.

Children here work independently and collaboratively as their teachers guide them to understand the joy and responsibility of learning; to believe in oneself and in others; and to work for prosperity and peace in the world.  Graduates leave LMS, as my boys did, confident and able to take on the challenges of high school. When you visit LMS, you will see this for yourself.

Please come explore our classrooms and our acres of woods and wetlands. This is a remarkable place.

Aline Gery
Head of School
Our Mission:

Lexington Montessori School builds an inclusive, joyful community that ignites self-discovery through purposeful learning, inspiring children to embrace and challenge the world with compassion, resilience and courage.

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