Lexington Montessori School offers students the opportunity to develop a unique academic path that fits them best. Montessori-certified teachers meet students where they are and support their discoveries and curiosities while following the teachings of Maria Montessori and embracing both technology and progression in an ever-changing world. 

Creative Thinking

At LMS children learn to question assumptions. They learn to respond to challenges and opportunities by imagining, improvising and adapting.

Solution Seeking

LMS children learn to formulate meaningful questions. They learn to inquire, evaluate and synthesize information as they set goals, develop plans and test solutions.

Ethical Decision-Making

LMS children learn to exhibit integrity, honesty, empathy, fairness and respect. They develop personal, social and civic responsibility, and they consider emerging ethical issues.


LMS children learn to listen attentively, speak effectively and write clearly. They cultivate interpersonal skills as they learn to understand and express ideas with a variety of audiences and media.


Children at LMS learn to build strong partnerships within diverse teams. They learn to teach, coach and lead others by example, accepting feedback, implementing decisions and sharing the credit.​​​​


LMS children learn to explore and experiment in a climate of change. They build resilience through risk-taking and setbacks. They create unique ideas and products that have value and meaning. ​​​​​

Montessori at LMS is based on these beliefs:

Academic Support

Along with our Montessori-certified classroom teachers, we have experienced and knowledgeable adults on our LMS campus for further student support. 

Faculty Directory


I love Montessori’s tenet, “Follow the Child” - let the child show you who they are. Respect what they know and how they learn. Teachers aren’t here to impart information but instead to guide, encourage, and further children’s understanding. Our three-year cycle allows for a comfortable and thoughtful developmental range for readiness for new skills and experiences.

Julia Modigliani, Elementary Literacy Specialist