Lexington Montessori School builds an inclusive, joyful community that ignites self-discovery through purposeful learning, inspiring children to embrace and challenge the world with compassion, resilience and courage.

Group of LMS students, teacher and parents celebrating Pride Day

When my child comes home speaking about the injustices they've learned about at school, and calls us out at home on things we do that are unjust or things someone says that are racist, it is clear that LMS is doing this work.

LMS Parent

Our Values

During the 2017-18 school year, a small group reviewed and revised the words of our 25 year old mission statement. We sought input from our faculty, staff and students who live the mission of LMS everyday. Our mission is complemented by our LMS Values.

Diversity at LMS: Our Statement

At the Lexington Montessori School, we recognize that building a multicultural school requires an ongoing commitment of time, energy and resources in both our curriculum and our school practices.

Implicit within the Montessori philosophy is the concept of a multicultural school. Through our curriculum, we work to acknowledge and explore differences among us and in the world. We want children to learn to understand and value multiple perspectives, identify and reject stereotypes and prejudices, and work for equity and justice within the school. 

At an organizational level, we are committed to creating and maintaining a diverse student and staff population which shares differences of gender, race, religion, family structure, socioeconomic level, culture, age, sexual orientation, language and learning style.

Our goal at LMS is to create an environment where each person freely brings their whole self to school each day, comfortable that every individual will be honored and protected. 

Social Justice at LMS

We hope our children will go on to their next educational experience feeling rooted in their individual identities, with a profound appreciation for both difference and interconnection.

Sustainability at LMS

Lexington Montessori School regards global stewardship and responsible management of resources as integral to our mission as we seek to live harmoniously with our world.

LMS teaches children to have an impact on the world through Awareness and Action. The school emphasizes critical thinking to foster community awareness and to engender in our students an appreciation of the environmental, social and economic consequences of individual and collective actions. 


Students, teachers and staff study the school’s impact on the environment as well as on the health and livelihood of people across the globe. LMS commits to critical consideration of this impact in all school decision making, as well as in all areas of curriculum development.

Toddlers watering LMS gardens with our Farming teacher.

Steps LMS has taken to ensure that we are caring for the environment​​​​​​