Parents become involved in the LMS community through a variety of ways. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Children feel valued when their family is involved and active in their school experience. 
  • Children like to see and know that their family supports their school.
  • To meet and connect with other LMS parents.
  • To share skills, talents and interests.
  • It's fun!

Ways to get involved

DEI Parent Book Club

One of the ways the LMS parent community shows its commitment to DEI is by learning through stories that others tell. Faculty and parents join together each month, sometimes in-person and sometimes virtually, to discuss the book pick of the month.

Participating in the (DEI) parent book club at LMS has been such an enriching experience for me. I love how the group shares their insights as well as suggested reading and websites to learn more about the topic at hand. DEI topics can be hard to discuss, but the LMS community is a safe space for learning how to be better advocates and examples in our families and society - and I'm grateful for each monthly meeting with people I now call friends.

Abby Muller, LMS Parent

Room Parent

Room Parents serve as a link for parents to the school. They help create a welcoming and inclusive classroom for all families, help parents navigate the various volunteer opportunities to serve the school, and facilitate and strengthen the connections among parents, teachers, the classroom, and LMS. 

Classroom Volunteer 

Being a classroom volunteer allows parents to connect to their child's classroom. Here are some examples of classroom volunteering. 

  • Lead a group of children in a baking project, or craft
  • Share aspects of cultural celebrations observed by your family
  • Chaperone a field trip
  • Help with events: Back to School Night Potluck, Mystery History Celebration, or the Harvest Fest Reception

Board Sub-Committees

The work of the Board of Directors is often accomplished by the sub-committees of the Board. These committees involve Board members and those in the community (teachers, parents, parents of alums, etc.) who wish to offer their time and expertise.

Executive CommitteeThe Executive Committee (EC) is composed of officers of the Board and provides support to the Head of School and the Board President. The EC handles issues requiring immediate attention and confidentiality, sets the agenda for the Board meetings, and establishes concrete goals and objectives for the Board each year.
Governance CommitteeThis committee recommends a slate of Board candidates for election at the Corporation Meeting, evaluates and monitors the effectiveness of the Board and plans training for new and existing Board members. This group is also responsible for the process of evaluation of the Head. (This committee is open only to current Board members).
Finance CommitteeSetting and monitoring the School’s budget each year, the Finance Committee also plans and coordinates long-range financial goals for LMS.
Parent Engagement (PEC)This committee focuses on creating common interest groups and plans small and large scale events that promote parent engagement.
FundraisingThis committee supports the Development Office in its fundraising efforts, educates the community about the need for fundraising and plans events together with the Parent Engagement Committee and other Board committees.
Diversity, Equity, InclusionThis committee addresses DEI needs and aims to facilitate more community-wide DEI discussions, speakers, and educational opportunities.