The LMS Lower Elementary Program is for students ages 6-9 years old. Our first graders (First Years), second graders (Middles) and third graders (Elders) learn to make wise choices that meet goals and expectations. Classrooms are diverse communities where children learn to support each other’s academic and social-emotional growth.

Community Minded

Children in Lower Elementary classrooms work together to develop classroom agreements that support a learning environment of mutual respect, mindful behavior and inclusion. Children gather for weekly community meetings that act as forums for resolving classroom concerns. Like an extended family, children respond to shared values and differences in the community and come together as one while also learning how to honor, celebrate and appreciate each child’s individual uniqueness.

Developing Organizational Strategies

Choice is an integral part of Montessori philosophy. Children create daily or weekly organizers to plan their work cycle. LMS teachers model how to consider the amount of time available when choosing what work to do first. Once a work is chosen, children gather their own materials and when a child finishes their work, they can usually use control materials to check for accuracy. Regular check-ins help teachers guide children in setting goals, balancing work choices and making plans for special interest projects.

Imaginative, Deep Thinkers

Lower Elementary children have varied interests, and teachers strive to encourage this intrinsic motivation. Curriculum work is built around interrelated explorations of earth, life and physical science as children consider their place and significance on the planet. Teachers consider childrens’ interests when choosing songs to sing, lessons to give, follow-up work to assign and even dances to learn. The Montessori environment and the teachers’ preparation gives spaces for children to explore their curiosities and for spontaneous, joyful learning. Additionally, teachers prepare the environment for meaningful conversations about issues of oppression and injustice in our society, giving children vocabulary and encouraging them to critically look at facts in our history and present. They do all this in the context of imagining a better world.

Young boy handeling a hamster ball


Lower Elementary children are attracted to the hands-on nature of the work that Montessori materials inspire. Children begin their math experience with concrete materials to practice all four operations. They construct foundational concepts in geometry by building shapes and relationships. They use clay to create inverse land and water forms in geography. In biology, they take a walk into the woods to explore a particular organism and they study the class pet to learn first hand about the anatomy of animals.

Lower Elementary Curriculum

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