Students in Upper Elementary and Middle School have the opportunity to join LMS sports teams and participate in various athletics in seventh and eighth grades.


In 2009, Lexington Montessori School and twelve other local Montessori schools joined together to create the Montessori Athletic Conference, or BIG M.A.C. Schools play inter-scholastic games and have participated in soccer, basketball, cross-country, and flag-football. LMS has consistently fielded strong teams in each of these sports. Coaches are LMS teachers and parents with experience in the sport they are coaching. During the season, LMS teams practice once a week and have a game/meet once a week.

LMS Soccer Team


Middle School Athletics

Extended athletics in Middle School provide students with additional athletic experiences at various off campus facilities for 2.5 hours once a week. Since the introduction of this program, Middle School students have participated in:

  • Swimming (Waltham YMCA)
  • Rock Climbing (Central Rock Gym)
  • Rowing (Community Rowing)
  • Fencing (Boston Fencing Club)
  • Archery (Archery, USA)
  • Tennis (Waltham Athletic Club)
  • Golf (Stone Meadow Golf)
  • Fitness and Strength Training (Athletic Evolution)