The LMS Toddler Program, for children ages 21 months - three years old, is where children develop some of their first relationships away from home. At this age, children begin to assert their desire for independence and begin to express their own personality. Toddlers are physically active and intellectually curious. The LMS environment and curriculum is designed to provide the warmth, welcome and stimulation that enables this growth.

First-Hand Experience With Activities

LMS Toddlers learn real-life skills in the classroom through Practical Life work. Montessori-certified teachers introduce activities that allow children to explore and learn, while also being creative and progressing developmentally. 

Intrinsic Motivation

Toddlers follow their individual interests as they choose work throughout the day. Children decide if they want to work on a puzzle, or with art materials; build with manipulatives or practical life; count objects or seriate shapes by size. Toddlers are attracted to challenges because they like to feel proud of their growing abilities. When redirection is necessary, Toddler teachers provide it respectfully and positively.

Self-Directed Active Learning Methods

Activities in our Toddler classrooms encourage children to manipulate and explore in ways that promote thought and focus. This exploration, and repetition, with materials leads to spontaneous activity. Children use the same materials in many ways, depending on their creativity, ability, and personality.

Social-Emotional Development

During their time in the toddler class, children develop some of their first relationships outside the home. In a nurturing environment, toddlers learn to trust adults to guide and support them and, little by little, toddlers learn to take care of themselves.

Toddler Curriculum

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