LMS is a small school that stays in touch with alumni, as well as with the schools to which graduates go to after Growing Up LMS. 

We frequently get feedback from the schools and the students saying that it is remarkable how well LMS graduates know themselves as learners. Even beyond LMS, our students take on challenges and advocate for themselves in confident and respectful ways. Many show a strong connection to LMS and enjoy connecting with and giving back their time and energy to our community. Here are some ways our alums stay connected: 

Working at LMS:

LMS alums return to LMS to work! We have loved getting to know alums as young professionals and enjoy their knowledge and expertise of our community from a different lens. Alums have worked in the Office of Enrollment, as Montessori-certified classroom teachers, Specialist teachers, Before and After School teachers and Summer Recess camp counselors. We always welcome alums to submit their resumes to us for consideration. Click here to view current career opportunities.

Working at Horizons @ LMS:

Since 2015, LMS alums have played an important role in staffing Horizons @ LMS. LMS alums have worked as interns in the Children’s House, Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary classrooms, supporting teachers to maintain the classroom routines and even chaperoning field trips. 

Attending LMS Events:

LMS alums return throughout the school year to visit campus and sometimes for volunteer opportunities. We host many events: Cultural Fest, Community Day, Montessori Across the Ages, Pancake Breakfast, Ice Cream Sundae, Graduation and it’s a pleasure to see alums back on campus. Occasionally, we hold events where alums are asked to play a role: visiting Middle School students, speaking to current LMS parents as part of a panel, or even acting as the LMS Graduation speaker.

Group of 5 LMS alums laughing while having a selfie

LMS taught me compassion and empathy. The work that the teachers put in to teach their students about how to treat others and why they should treat them that way is incredible.

Daniel Lehman ‘11

One of the most important things I learned when I was a student at LMS was a deep abiding belief in the intrinsic value of each human being as a person deserving of respect and kindness.

Micha Beckmann ‘03

I was back at LMS during the summers of 2016 and 2017 as a teacher for the Horizons program, in the 1-3 grade classroom. It is wonderful to be back in the classrooms that I frequented years ago, and it is so much fun to run into old friends on campus. Most of all, though, it is a joy to be able to see the effect of a Montessori classroom on children who have never seen a similar environment before. I love seeing their growth and the community that they formed. Coming back to LMS is coming full circle for me, and it feels like home.

Ali Campbell, Alum