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This “crash-course” in Montessori education is a series of easy-to read articles about the tenets of Montessori education; many encapsulate the research by Angeline Lillard in her book Science Behind the Genius.

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  • Being a Montessori Child

    By Mignon Duffy, President, LMS Board of Directors Spring ‘14
    I was talking with my Dad recently, and he observed that adults who have spent more than a couple of years at a Montessori school do not say “I went to a Montessori school” -- they say “I am a Montessori child.” I am a Montessori child myself, and watching my own children thrive at LMS prompts me to think about what that means, and how I am a different person for having been educated in Montessori schools. Here are a few of the things I have come up with that are part of being a Montessori child:
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  • Looking Back

    By Sue Lehman, LMS Parent ’04, ’06, ‘10
    From the fall of 1995 to the spring of 2009 I had at least one, and in some years three, of my children attending LMS. My kids, now 21, 19 and 17, were guided by gentle loving hands into the Children’s House as wide-eyed Toddlers, and 10 years later they walked out of the Jane Mack Building (or Middle School for my youngest) as confident, grounded, well-educated young adults. I feel so fortunate to have found LMS and am grateful everyday for the lasting mark it has made on my three kids, and on our entire family.
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