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Equity and Anti-Bias

We shall walk together on this path for life, for all things are part of the universe, and are connected with each other to form one whole unity.
-Maria Montessori

LMS Cultural Fest

Hundreds of parents, faculty, staff, and students come to campus to celebrate the many cultures represented in this diverse community in honor of International Peace Day. Visitors are also treated to the culinary delights of 25+ different countries. 

To all the many families who share their heritage -- many thanks for a uniquely-LMS celebration.

Montessori Model United Nations

Eleven middle school students attended the Montessori Model United Nations conference virtually this year. They worked hard week by week all year on consensus-building about pressing global issues, representing Afghanistan, Armenia, and Japan on the following issues: the economic and political advancement of women, fair trade, cybercrime, food security, racism, fake medicine, substance abuse, climate, and disaster risk reduction. You can read the Resolutions that the committees came up with right here. Many of the clauses were written by our very own middle school student delegates.
Special note: LMS middle schooler Ava K. earned the opportunity to participate in an MMUN songwriting workshop run by Emmy-nominated recording artist Alexander Star. She applied by writing lyrics relating to one of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. Once selected, she and other students worked with Star to refine lyrics and record vocals, receiving voice coaching in the process.
Here is a link to a YouTube video version of this year's recording, Tell Em It's Ya Birthday - a song about eliminating hunger worldwide (you'll hear Ava on the first verse).

The Womens' March

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  • Boston and D.C.

    The Womens’ Marches attracted a lot of LMS community members.  The marches are described as “peaceful and non-partisan” and promote the values of “human rights, equal rights, and freedom from discrimination.” For these reasons, Lexington Montessori School applied for and was accepted as a “Community Partner” based on our commitment to these values as expressed in our statements of school mission, diversity, and sustainability.

    Are these marches political and partisan?  For many, yes.  The marches are also peaceful and represent reinforcement of our beliefs as members of this community and all that we teach and support at LMS.

    As a community, we believe in the power of mutual respect, multiple perspectives, conflict resolution with words, compassion, responsibility, cooperation, collaboration, and independence. These comprise the foundation of what we teach and share with students, families, and each other; these aspects of our community are often at odds with the way the world and people behave, making them all the more essential to model.

    The recent increase in acts of intolerance by people of all ages in this country, the prospect of even more obstacles to refuge for families from war-ravaged parts of the world, denial of the unhealthy and catastrophic deterioration of our planet, and the growing isolation from the world rather than cooperation with it are just some examples of the current momentum of the country. At LMS our curriculum, values, and pedagogy allow children to learn and experience a more just, peaceful, and compassionate community than they might see in the world. Children learn about themselves, and about their friends, as essential to our community and, at the same time, they understand we are a small part of a big world. Students learn to support statements and opinions with evidence and facts, and they learn to take action when they witness or experience injustice.  In the context of current events, our work feels even more important.  As we say in our statement of diversity: We hope our children will go on to their next educational experience feeling rooted in their individual identities, with a profound appreciation for both difference and interconnection.

LMS Peace Assembly

Each year, students and faculty come together to celebrate the International Day of Peace. What made our last celebration particularly special is the fact that we were part of a group of more than 135,000 children in many Montessori Schools around the world doing the same thing.

Equity and Anti-Bias: The Work

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  • Student Affinity Groups

    Elementary and middle school children who share an affinity can choose to have lunch together once every few weeks. These groups foster strong, supportive relationships.
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  • Multicultural Menu - Faculty and staff task force

    Provides opportunities for faculty and staff to learn from each other via book groups, gathering at local ethnic venues and restaurants, attending movies together.
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  • Professional Development -- Inclusion and Understanding

    Faculty and staff participate routinely in workshops, conferences, and on-campus activities to deepen their understanding of issues of diversity.

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  • Anti-Bias Curriculum - Toddler through Middle School

    The anti-bias curriculum provides children opportunities to explore differences, value multiple perspectives, identify and reject stereotypes, and work for equity and justice.
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