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Here are some steps the school has taken to ensure that we are caring for the environment:
Here are some steps the school has taken to ensure that we are caring for the environment:

  • Construction of a greenhouse, planting a food forest, and managing multiple vegetable gardens teach students about eating what they grow;
  • Storing rainwater to be used for irrigation;
  • Organic fertilizer for our grounds
  • Offering students and their parents ways to make composting easier and more convenient
  • Light sensor switching when rooms are occupied and not occupied
  • LED lighting throughout the interior and exterior of all buildings;
  • On-demand gas domestic hot water heating
  • Donating gently used clothing, books and toys to Cradles to Crayons
  • Set-back thermostats in all buildings
  • Metered water faucets in all bathrooms of newer buildings
  • Using all biodegradable cleaning solutions throughout school
  • Waste to Energy trash removal
  • Solar panels on Elementary building
  • High efficiency 90% gas boilers
  • Lunch trash in classrooms is take-in and takeout
  • Holding a yearly bike-to-school day to encourage students to use alternative methods of transportation
    • Fixing and re-purposing broken objects in our UE Maker-Space which keeps those items out of landfills

    • Green Team Lunch

    • Collecting and working organic material for compost

    • Decreasing fossil fuel consumption by installing solar panels

    • Maintaining edible gardens year round

    • Bike-to-School Day for elementary and middle school students and teachers

    • Donating clothes, shoes, toys, books in good condition to be re-used by children who need them

    • Storing rainwater for irrigation

The land is where our roots are. The children must be taught to feel and live in harmony with the Earth.
- Maria Montessori
Turn off the lights. Turn off the water. Turn off the car.

Sustainability at LMS

Lexington Montessori School regards global stewardship and responsible management of resources as integral to our mission as we seek to live harmoniously with our world.

LMS teaches children to have an impact on the world through Awareness and Action. The school emphasizes critical thinking to foster community awareness and to engender in our students an appreciation of the environmental, social and economic consequences of individual and collective actions.

Together, students, teachers and staff study the school’s impact on the environment as well as on the health and livelihood of people across the globe. LMS commits to critical consideration of this impact in all school decision making, as well as in all areas of curriculum development.
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