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  • A Zoom with a View into Montessori: Toddler through Middle School

    On May 4th, we shared an evening as a community showing parents what their Montessori children do in school. Before the pandemic, we had the ability to have parents come into the classrooms and observe. We had two events that were particularly informative of the academic activities of Montessori students, “Montessori Across the Ages” and “Now I Get It,”
    This year, Zoom with A View into Montessori attempts to combine Montessori Across the Ages, which showed students work in different strands of Montessori curriculum at each level of development, and Now I Get It, which was an afternoon of lessons given by teachers to parents using Montessori materials. We hope you enjoy this video that the teachers and students have put together for you.
  • Parent Book Club, May 19th at 8:00 PM

    Join us on Thursday, May 19th at 8:00 PM for our discussion of People Love Dead Jews by Dara Horn.
    Dara Horn invites us to take a closer look at the stories that are told about Jewish people. She argues that throughout history, people have been fascinated with narratives about Jewish people who are dead instead of invested in the safety of those who are living. She takes us on a journey to explore the "subtle dehumanization" of Jewish people embedded in the narratives that we consume.  
    Zoom link will be posted on classroom web pages.
  • Zoom with a View into Montessori: Toddler through Middle School

    "What do they do all day?" We want you to know!

    Learn about Montessori education from teachers giving lessons and students practicing and showing their work.

    This virtual event is taking place next Wednesday evening at 8PM. Please register for this event.
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    No School - Indigenous Peoples Day

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    Afternoon Parent Teacher Conferences (including Middle School)

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    No School - Veterans Day

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