Curriculum and Programs

Art and Music

The Arts expand our tool set for learning and understanding. “The idea,” says Daniel Goleman, “is to develop the habit of paying attention to your own creativity.” At LMS the Arts help children learn creative problem-solving; they broaden cultural perspectives; and they give voice to individuality. The Arts, like all of our learning, is playful, since creativity lives in playfulness.

Visual Arts

We believe that all children are natural artists and have an artistic voice. By experimenting with materials, tools, and techniques, children learn to think creatively and to take risks with ideas and materials. Mistakes become opportunities to think again and try new directions. Art from many cultures and times inspires critical thinking and observational skills. LMS teachers integrate visual art into all studies, and students’ artwork is exhibited throughout the school to celebrate creativity.


Music at LMS empowers children to express and communicate with sound: to hear, feel and interpret as they listen. Music gives us a sense of belonging and helps us see how others might belong too. The technical objectives of the music program emphasize basic music literacy, and progress from the memorization of songs and movements, through the introduction of instruments and musical notation to the introduction of scales, harmony and composition.
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