Who they are...

  • Absorbing language.
  • Mimicking adults.
  • Exploring with hands and all senses.
  • Seeking patterns.
  • Developing balance, strength and fine motor skills.

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  • CH Social-Emotional Learning

    In the Children’s House, LMS Children learn to initiate a chosen activity, carry it out to their satisfaction and put it away in preparation for the next child. 

    These classes are conscious communities where children practice the arts of grace, courtesy and authentic communication. They learn to control themselves in group situations, and they learn to use conflict resolution skills to stand up for themselves and what they believe.

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  • CH Language

    Three to six-year-olds are in what Dr. Montessori called a “sensitive period” for language acquisition.
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  • CH Math

    Montessori’s extraordinary mathematical materials enable children to begin abstract concept formation as they develop operational thought.
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  • CH History/Geography

    In the Children’s House, we expose young children to the defining elements of cultures: traditions, symbols, food, clothing, customs and beliefs. We highlight the cycles and routines that give structure and order.
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  • CH Science

    Three to six-year-olds are active investigators. Our specialized materials encourage creativity, versatility and experimentation.

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  • CH Spanish

    The Children’s House Spanish Program aims for children to have fun while learning Spanish in various ways. Our long term goal is for all of our students to embrace language learning and to appreciate its role in multicultural understanding.
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  • CH Anti-Bias

    CH teachers use discussions of differences and similarities, multicultural read-alouds, and in-class visits to introduce children to diversity, identity and the problem of bias.

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  • CH Physical Education

    Young children experience personal feelings of success and achievement through movement. Kindergarten physical education focuses on the development of fundamental motor skills and movement experiences.  
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  • CH Music

    The Children’s House music program emphasizes singing and expressive movement. 
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  • CH Practical Life

    These activities help children build independence by exploiting their “sensitive period for order."
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  • CH Visual Art

    Children's House students explore a range of materials and techniques. They experiment with paint and color mixing, clay, printmaking, and building.
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