Growing Up LMS

We delight in marking the growth of our children: inches on a doorframe, candles on their birthday, milestones as they move out on their own, telling us what they need, showing us what they know.

At LMS we honor the importance of this growing up, and we understand the stages of development from toddler through adolescence. The environment at LMS is designed to help children meet the challenges of each stage; LMS teachers have the training and education to guide and respond to children as they grow through these phases in their lives.

Lexington Montessori School knows what engages and inspires children as they develop and learn. This profound understanding lays the groundwork for LMS children to thrive throughout their lives.

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    LMS Alums live by their values, making decisions that are both responsible and moral. They are ready allies and activists. Knowing their strengths and tendencies, they respond to people and situations with an open mind. They know what they want, and they make plans to get there.

    Find out what our Alums are up to.

    The young adolescent years are filled with introspection. Middle Schoolers want to be honest about who they are, what they believe, and what they can do. They demand social justice, and they want to make a difference.

    Middle School Curriculum

    Nine-to-twelve year-olds begin to appreciate that different people think and feel in different ways. In Upper Elementary their thinking becomes less literal; they see shades of gray – and they love to argue. They understand that risk and error are essential parts of learning and growing.

    Upper Elementary Curriculum

    Six-to-nine year-olds love hard work, and they are very proud of it in Lower Elementary. Their imaginations run wild; they wonder about so many things. They want to save all of the endangered animals. They love their friends, and they adore their teachers.

    Lower Elementary Curriculum

    From three-to-six years, children take in vocabulary like a sponge. LMS Children’s House teachers are expert models, and the children mimic their every move. They pour, and build, and lace, and line things up, and count, and sound out words… over and over. They choose their work, do it for long periods of time, and put it away.

    Children's House Curriculum

    LMS teachers help Toddlers leverage their deep attachment to their family so they can begin to separate. Toddlers get out of the car and walk into school on their own. They proudly hang their own coats, stow their own shoes, pour their own drink of water, chose their own work and then put it away. They notice the other toddlers and begin to socialize. 

    Toddler Curriculum

    Before children come to LMS, they learn as infants to interact with their parents, experimenting with cause-and-effect to see what they can count on. They drop things, knowing that parents will retrieve them. They make all manner of sounds, noticing which ones get the reactions they desire. They make their hands work for them, and they strengthen their core to hold themselves up.
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