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  • Eagerly amassing knowledge.
  • Developing reasoning.
  • Developing planning
  • Turning attention to peers.
  • Increasing independence.
  • Learning leadership.

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  • UE Social-Emotional Learning

    As LMS upper elementary students transition into adolescence, they show striking variance in their development. 

    We help them learn about respecting differences, resisting peer pressure, and being an “up-stander.” As they come to understand their tendencies, we help them learn how to leverage their strengths to meet their challenges.

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  • UE Language

    The Upper Elementary Language Curriculum balances rigorous skill development with constant opportunity for self-expression.
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  • UE Math

    Upper Elementary students do their basic computations abstractly, as they use advanced Montessori manipulatives to explore more challenging concepts.
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  • UE History/Geography

    The Upper Elementary “cosmic curriculum” includes studies of human evolution, world civilizations, and early American history. Students progress through a self-paced comprehensive study of geography.
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  • UE Science

    Science studies in Upper Elementary offer a unique blend of conceptual overview and in-depth exploration. Students study the sciences within broadly focused thematic studies.
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  • UE Spanish

    Upper Elementary Spanish students participate in activities organized around listening comprehension, reading comprehension, speaking, writing, and cultural aspects of Hispanic countries.
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  • UE Anti-Bias

    In Upper Elementary, we foster students’ ability to recognize bias and injustice, and cultivate their ability to stand up, individually and with others, against bias or injustice.

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  • UE Music

    The Upper Elementary Music program aims to train each child’s ear in tonal recognition, and each child’s voice in rendering simple conjunct melodies unaided by accompaniment.
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  • UE Physical Education

    The Upper Elementary PE program refines fundamental patterns, mature motor patterns, and selected isolated manipulative skills as they learn game rules, procedures, and sportsmanship.
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  • UE Practical Life

    Practical life activities for Upper Elementary students are intimately interwoven with basic skill development in executive functioning and responsible membership in community. 
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  • UE Visual Art

    In the Upper Elementary Art program children work with their teachers to find their natural artistic voice. They use their “right brains” to think creatively, and they take risks with ideas and materials.
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