Parents "Around" Campus

It was our hope to return to a pre-pandemic volunteer program in the coming school year but unfortunately LMS will need to hold off on making that happen for the foreseeable future.

To learn about the virtual and small-gathering in-person volunteer opportunities during the `22 school year, please scroll to the 2021 -2022 Volunteer Guide on this page.

In-Person Volunteering in Pre-pandemic Times!

    • Visiting Classrooms

    • Helping Out at Pancake Breakfast

    • Sharing Heritage at Cultural Fest

    • Apple Baking Day!

    • Welcoming New Families at Host Family Picnic

Why Get Involved?

There are so many good reasons. Here are a few:
  • Children like to see and know that their parents support their school
  • Children feel valued when their family is involved and active
  • You (virtually) meet and connect with other LMS parents
  • You share what you know and what you can do with others
  • You have a great time!

Ways to Get Involved

There are many different virtual volunteer opportunities. For example:
  • Join a Board Sub-Committee and share your valued ideas
  • Take prospective parents on a virtual tour of the school
  • Help plan the `22 virtual Community Day 
  • Play a role in raising money for the LMS Projects Fund

What Would You Like To Do?

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Contact Info

To get more information about an event and/or to sign up to volunteer, please contact Diane Decker, Director of Community Development, or at 781.862.8571 x1108.
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