Who they are...

  • Learning to separate.
  • Striving for independence.
  • Creating individuality.
  • Assertive.
  • Curious, active.

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  • Toddler Social-Emotional Learning

    During their time in the toddler class, children develop some of their first relationships outside the home. In a nurturing environment, toddlers learn to trust adults and, little by little, to take care of themselves.

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  • Toddler Language

    Toddlers absorb language with extraordinary ease. Language development is a major area of growth in the first three years of life. Among toddlers, there is a wide variety of language abilities. In our Toddler classroom, children develop language through peer interactions and teacher modeling. Our goal for the toddlers is to further develop their language skills in articulation, communication, and vocabulary through conversations, activities, and modeling.
  • Toddler Math

    Toddlers begin to build mathematical concepts by exploring our specially prepared environment. As toddlers explore their environment, they are exposed to basic mathematical concepts such as one-to-one correspondence, rote counting, geometric shapes, vocabulary, the concept of number, number symbols, problem solving, and early concepts of measurement. The materials in our specially prepared environment allow the toddlers to sort, match, count, and absorb the language of math.

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  • Toddler History/Geography

    Toddlers make sense of the world by experiencing and mastering routines. During the Toddler years, children are transitioning from an unconscious absorbent mind to a conscious absorbent mind.  Toddlers learn familiar vocabulary words associated with time, and they begin to understand the meaning of these terms. As they interact with friends, Toddlers become part of a group that is outside of their family. This helps them develop empathy as they realize that their actions impact others. As they begin to understand that they are part of a school, toddlers realize that there are classrooms, students, teachers, and buildings outside of their own.
  • Toddler Science

    Toddlers interpret their world through movement and by the use of their senses. Toddlers are introduced to specialized Sensorial materials that help them learn to compare, contrast, and discriminate.

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  • Toddler Spanish

    Toddlers are exposed to Spanish spoken by a native speaker. The bilingual toddler teacher integrates Spanish into the classroom in spontaneous and informal ways. There are no formal expectations or assessment. The bilingual teacher often speaks to the children in Spanish, identifying objects, making requests of the children, playing games, singing songs, etc.
  • Toddler Anti-bias

    Toddlers discover differences in their community as they explore each other’s preferences, temperaments, family pictures, and skin color.

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  • Toddler Music

    Toddlers are exposed to music in a variety of ways. In our classroom, we sing songs, use musical instruments, dance and move to music, and practice keeping rhythm. Toddlers also experience different types of music.
  • Toddler Physical Education

    All Toddler activities incorporate movement. Toddlers are in a sensitive period for movement. Toddlers use a large motor area of the classroom with equipment that enables them to be active. In addition, the toddlers visit the playground every day, weather permitting.

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  • Toddler Practical Life

    Toddlers' routines and activities foster independence and self-care skills. Toddlers practice dressing and undressing, caring for their environment, and caring for their personal belongings. They learn everyday skills including pouring, scooping, spreading, and cutting.
  • Toddler Visual Art

    Toddlers are exposed to a variety of art media, tools, vocabulary, and colors. Toddlers are introduced to art materials in a carefully sequenced order, moving from simple to more complex throughout the year. With lots of freedom to explore, the children develop creativity and an appreciation for art.